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It's me, Dr. Xeno. Here are lecture notes and ideas for my work teaching physical and cognitive development across the lifespan (HDEV 3101) at the Department of Human Development at CSU, East Bay. This content is often referred to as mind-brain, mind body connection, brain and behavior; but it is really about the knowledge derived from the related fields of neurology, neuropsychology, neuroscience and cognitive science. Sometimes I just write about my kids or bike racing. Feel free to comment!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We're all Winners!

Classic image of a post-classic race - the Pro Winner, Ben Jacques-Maniac (#15) being interviewed (I think by Steven Hill) while Omar Sison, Cat 5 winner & Pegasus mechanic looks on. See BJMs blog-report

Isabel Creek Classic

PHOTO Credit: Chris Hipp,
TOP: Not our race, these are the Pros in a solo OTF similar to our situation.

RACE: 35+ 4/5, 38 miles, Isabel Creek start, field of 50 (full)
Team EMC/Vellum results: Bob 3rd, Mo 6th.

Surprisingly, I feel this was probably one of my best efforts of the year - I feel I really gave a hand to the team effort when I could and had a blast even though I spent about 10 miles waiting for another 700 series number to come by (damn, those cat 5s were strong!). I was really happy to see Randy and know I would not have to worry about a sprintdown as long as we kept rolling along alone. Randy schooled me on the descent - for 24th and I got 25th (hey, my highest place in a RR this year!). I'll have to rethink these hilly RRs. I have to admit I was riding within my limits & sleep deprived since my boys are once again trading snot balls and my throat has been getting increasingly tight. Today I am still fighting off something and spent most of Memorial Day in bed.

But, wait, that's the end of the story - after minimal warmup, I lined up close to the front to allow a little a pack slidage on the first climb. I felt surprisingly good and just rode smart and stayed well positioned - someone gave me a lumbar push to keep me in front of them and I'm not even sure it was an EMC, but thanks to whoever it was. Avoided two guys with flats along the rollers (one Delta Velo went down and scrambled to get out of our way - a classy move, hope he's ok). I had some extra to give so I made sure we didn't drop Richard after he did some work on the upside of the rollers, but could not do the same later for Randy and ensure I'd stay with the group. I was happy to find myself with the lead bunch at the start of San Antonio Valley. From the back of that group. I counted about 25 of us, and Randy had just been dropped. Chatter at the back was that Nader was crazy to be solo OTF so soon, because for sure it would come back together and we had made 'the selection'; I knew we had not even begun our attacks but kept that to myself. Well, I COULD HAVE stayed right there, conserved and stuck with the group til the climb. But, I had seen Gianni, Rich & Bob up front for a long time and Nader still had a good gap. So, I work to the front and take a few pulls thru the valley to bring the gap down a bit and protect Bob. Mo always seems to keep himself out of the wind and to look very inconspicuous. Like Randy and Rich, I out did myself and when the two SJBC guys took over the front from me, it was like an attack and back I went. I can see them all rolling away just before the junction and looking back there was no one even in sight - 13 miles in and less than 40 minutes, my race seems over. I take some time to recover, drink and get to do the main climb at my own nice pace. Toward the top I hear heavy steady breathing and see my mechanic from Pegasus, Omar, OTF of the 5s (his first race racing). Small group in chase and others after them. I avoid the urge to even think about working with them and just keep an eye on the #s for a 700. One did come thru - 720 from Fusion - but he had a mechanical and should have been with the lead group, he was climbing steady & fast, so after a while pacing and chatting with him, I let him go (and did not care that he was mixing in with 5s). It was a nice long while before Randy came along and as previously stated, really happy to see him and sorry Jim wasn't along for the ride, but I figured if we waited for him, he'd have other guys to contend with too.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Back to Mines Road

Here's the EMC2/Vellum Cycles sport team on our 'Mount Hamilton' (Isabel Creek) reconnaissance ride on April 30. From left it's Gianni Cheetah, The Big Volsansky, Mighty Mo and Dr. A. I believe Deano is just behind me & the camera. Not a bad shot for 18 mph on the cell phone, finally figured out how to e-mail it to myself. Anyway, Sunday May 28 is the Mount Hamilton Classic, one of the few 'point-to-point' races in the area. We Master's 35+ 4/5 get a nice handicap; instead of 63 miles including the daunting namesake, we ride 38 miles, starting from the bottom of Mt Ham returning to the outskirts of Livermore. One ~800 foot climb midway trough the race is plenty for me & my flatlander origins. We have one sportie, Joe Mendez, doing the Elite 4 race so he'll do the 63 mile full Hammy. A tue climber. Well, time to rest. Race report to follow.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kaiboy & His Doggie

Yesterday's photo shoot with Momma X was fruitful. Nearly every shot was a keeper. the tree, the hat, even Dakota cooperated (aka, 'dumbass dog' or 'stinkass dog'). Looks a bit like Huck Finn here. He still has the scratch scar from another dog (Maggie, big puppy, yellow lab) on his right cheek, but Momma X is workin' on Photochop, so it's not so noticable here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kai in a Tree:

This is Kai, learning to climb a tree. What a great age, three, except for the bed time drama. Also, he is FINALLY starting to pedal his trikes & bike again. He got so frustrated with not reaching the pedals he just gave up and decided he'd scoot Fred Flintstone style. Photo by Mommy.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Little Logie

Here's the wee lad, Logan Herbert Rasmusson, Kai's lil bro.
Check those lashes ladies! Photo credit JLB w/'Lens Baby'.