The Other Side of Dr. Xeno's Brain

It's me, Dr. Xeno. Here are lecture notes and ideas for my work teaching physical and cognitive development across the lifespan (HDEV 3101) at the Department of Human Development at CSU, East Bay. This content is often referred to as mind-brain, mind body connection, brain and behavior; but it is really about the knowledge derived from the related fields of neurology, neuropsychology, neuroscience and cognitive science. Sometimes I just write about my kids or bike racing. Feel free to comment!

Friday, August 31, 2007


For new bloggage from x-man? Me too... trying to remember how to do this... can't add images... I'm lost without that key tool... even Keven T told me a month ago on the HOP ride my content was stale... sorry... help... I tried on-line guide with the lack of action when I click on the add image icon, but nuttin happens... I could add video if I had some that wasn't x-rated... get it? 'X'-rated... imagine a picture of a chilly mojito here:

And people, stop breaking things! (me included, I broke a shifter on a truck, don't ask for the embarrassing details but my wife says I owe her $300).